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The Trouble With Tulpas

                        Our hero finds an unorthodox way to shorten his commute                                                  The Trouble With Tulpas        How did I learn how to make a tulpa? The same way I learned how to install a  ceiling fan, and to stop my kitchen faucet from dripping: I watched a YouTube video. You can […]

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Barcelona & Her Sagrada

By chicagoroses

A personal account of architecture. 

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why does he write


    He writes, in the lonley avenues of the night, where time has overlooked, that nook, that crevice, where human emotion remains untold, left misunderstood, to trail newspapers leaves twirling,entwining over misty waters all but lost, where a wonderful writer stood,and once sat, unaccompanied,except for the whisper of a breeze,the tickle of a chill, […]

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