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There goes the sun, wave goodbye and wipe away the tear,
that fell so slowly down your blushed cheek,
and kiss the lips that have held sweet verse. The
'morrow is the future, it's me and you,
in love we find our middle ground,
in sleep we find our peace.

In a far off land they say we'll meet,
after a slumber in a dark room,
the light of day is my hope,
And my hope is you.


My heart it fell down a long dark hole,
never to be seen again, along with my soul,
you will never know the blood that ran, say
goodbye my sweet,
for my love for you, runs too deep.



  1. Liner
    LinerSupporter said:

    HI Holly, I like the self passion in this one, maybe that’s the wrong expression but I’m sure it means more to the person who endures such feelings than the person it was written for. Regardless the emotions conveyed are very powerful. Well done. david

    3 years ago
    • Holly Lewis
      Holly Lewis said:

      Thank you, it is always refreshing to hear that someone appreciates my work.

      3 years ago
  2. pwjohnstone
    pwjohnstoneSupporter said:

    I’ve just read through all yours poems 1 to 6, I really enjoyed them all. They seemed to paint a very vivid world fo me, great stuff.

    3 years ago
  3. Holly Lewis
    Holly Lewis said:

    Thank you, it’s always a pleasure to here someone enjoys my work.

    3 years ago
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